Please note that many of these tunings can be found in “The Freestyleguitar Method”,

which includes a number of beautiful chords as well as crunch power chords.


I don’t get too hung up on the name of the tunings.  

I just like to experiment and find what sounds interesting without fretting anything,


Song Title                                                                                  Tuning                                                                     Tuning Name (if I know it)                

Mystery Girl                                                                               CGCEbBbCC                                                            minor 7 

Mystery Girl                                                                               DADFCDD                                                                minor 7 

Classy Lady                                                                               CGCGCD                                                                   C5 add 9 

Contraption                                                                               CGCGCD                                                                   C5 add 9 

Swamp Fox                                                                                CGCGCC                                                                   C5

Man O' War                                                                                CGCGCC                                                                   C5

Working The Angles                                                                 EADEAE                                                                     A-Pipe

Things Left Unsaid                                                                    EADGBE                                                                    Standard Tuning 

The Rogue                                                                                 DADDAD                                                                    D5 

White Line Fever                                                                       DADGAD                                                                    D suspended

Game As a Bagle                                                                       DGDGBD                                                                   G Minor

Tip OF Spear                                                                              GGDGGD                                                                   G 5

Labyrinth                                                                                    GGDGBD                                                                   G Minor

Smithfield                                                                                   GGDGCE                                                                   G Major 

Hair Brain Scheme                                                                     DADFAD                                                                   D minor 7

Orion                                                                                           DADF#AD                                                                 D Major

Reverse Psychology                                                                  DADFAD                                                                   D Minor 

Sinister                                                                                       CGCGCC                                                                   C5 

Stretch                                                                                        DADGAD                                                                   Capo to key of A 

Toasting The Matriarch                                                             DAFGAD                                                                   D Minor with added 4 (the G) 

As The Wind Blows                                                                    DADEAD                                                                   D add 9

Loser At the Bar                                                                         DAADAD                                                                  D5

Lady Blue                                                                                   DAADAD                                                                   D5

Gone For Good                                                                          DAADAD                                                                   D5

Break Me Down Again                                                              CGCGGC                                                                  C5

Crying For A Change                                                                CGCGGC or CGCGCD

Cubicle Man                                                                              EADGAE 

Event Horizon                                                                           CGCGCD                                                                   C5 add 9

Covert Hypnosis                                                                       DDADFB                                                                   A form of D minor

Uncle Son                                                                                  CGCGAC

Gentle Art of Agression                                                           CGCGCD                                                                   C5 add9

Return Your Energy                                                                  DADFAC                                                                    Dm7

Tell The World                                                                          CGDEGB 

The Mississippian                                                                    DADDAD                                                                   D5

Experimental                                                                            CFCEGC   

Experimental                                                                            CACFCE 

Night of Low Hanging Fruit                                                    DADGAD                                                                  Key of G

Who's Gonna Want You                                                          EADGAE                                                                   Key of A

Experimental                                                                           CGCFCE   

Reunion                                                                                    DADF#GD - with a Keith Tuner on 2nd string - bring 2nd string up to an A

Smithfield                                                                                GGDGCD                                                                   G Maj

Neo-Texana                                                                             CGCGGD                                                                   C5     

Flame In The Dark                                                                  DADF#AD                                                                 D Maj

When She Cries                                                                      DADF#AD                                                                 D Maj

Tell Me Where You Are                                                          DADF#AD                                                                 D Maj

Who's Holding You                                                                 CGCGAC                                                                  C sus