"Master of the acoustic guitar" -  Lord Litter Radio Show

"He's alone in his genre - there's no one else like him." - Shenandoah Valley Blues Bash

Freestyleguitar Reviews

Master of the acoustic guitar. A Texas transplant now living in Charlotte, NC, Nevels is a world- class acoustic guitarist. His style is fast and free and while his touch is exceedingly delicate, the sound he projects is often reminiscent of a locomotive. One can hear flashes of jazz, country, blues, and bluegrass, but his style is all his own. He’s alone in his genre- there’s no one else like him. Watching him perform is an unforgettable experience, and hearing the tones he coaxes from his instrument will change the way you think about acoustic guitar pickers forever. A former North Carolina/South Carolina finger picking champion, he mixes delicacy with raw power in ways that most guitarists have never even imagined...
— Shenandoah Valley Blues Bash

"Nevels' guitar style is fast and free. Combine

bluegrass and acid jazz, or perhaps the sound of a

 steaming locomotive. Highly recommended.."

Bryan Baker,  GAJOOB


"Travis Nevels plays guitar on his own terms,

and caters to a rougher audience.

Freestyleguitar is very good."

Minor 7


"American Freestyle Fingerstyle Guitar - this self taught musician has cut

 his teeth doing street gigs and pool rooms in Southern redneck bars

 and you can almost hear the pool cues dropping onto the felt in disbelief" 


One of the best examples of the new power-acoustic guitar sound, the latest CD from North Carolina-based Travis Steele Nevels is bursting with incredible flat-picking acoustic guitar work. Nevels claims to have been influenced early on by banjo great Earl Scruggs, yet on his new album he clearly breaks new ground with a unique and thoroughly invigorating guitar sound. Nevels takes the spirit of Leo Kottke, Michael Hedges and Southern guitar greats like Duane Allman and Dickey Betts and rolls it all up into one highly appealing new acoustic guitar set. Some may call it unorthodox, but guitar fans will be blown away by just how commanding a steel string acoustic guitar can sound...
— 20th Century Guitar Magazine

"Aggressive, unorthodox fingerstyle wins fans...

banjo rolls, alternate tunings, power riffs,

and his own patented fingerstyle-flatpicking...

 Some really fine music here."

Guitar 9 Records


 "Travis Steele Nevels debut CD is a gem of a recording that emphasizes the piercing tonality of Nevel's unique approach to the acoustic guitar.  Each of the ten selections on this disc showcase a variety of techniques including banjo rolls, hammer-ons, pull-offs, two handed tapping, string-bending, percussive banging and altered tunings. Every track is imbued with an aggressive attack. There is an edgy fire throughout this well crafted disc..."

PauseRecord, Ted Silverman


He plays with the aggressiveness of Doyle Dykes, yet he also has that “chunk” thing going on reminiscent of Preston Reed or Michael Hedges. His inventiveness hints of D.R. Auten. He retunes his guitar “on the fly” ala Adrian Legg. His technique incorporates banjo rolls, fretboard slaps, taps, and power riffs- all delivered with solid articulation. His CD is notable for intelligent and sparse use of digital delay and studio panning effects. Lastly- but most importantly- Travis’ songs are fun and immediately engaging, and he has the most unbelievable TONE that I’ve heard in ages...
— Jim Earp

 “Not since John Fahey or Leo Kotke has this kind of guitar been heard.”

Pops Walker, Acoustic Blues Artist


“The best guitar I've heard in a while, that wasn't amplified!!”

B. Thompson


Freestyleguitar II Reviews



I’m listening to Freestyleguitar II, third time through...WOW! What a refreshingly original CD,

I’m well impressed. Not since Peter Finger’s Acoustic Rock Music album from 1979 have I been so happy with an instrumental guitar album.
— Dennis (aka Boogie Jack), Plover, WI


"This guy's pretty damn tight."


Now here is a very interesting guitarist. Travis Nevels blends in all sorts of styles and does it extremely well. This is different than what most guitarists do.
— A-J Charron - Guitar Noise News



"Very different from a Leo Kottke style, but equally jaw dropping....."




"Freestyleguitar II, Travis on solo finger style cook  

with quick precision hammer-ons and pull-offs that

 set a new standard for modern boogie blues"

Minor 7th



"Freestyleguitar II is full of absolutely awesome finger-picking,

 guitar beating, and all sorts of wildness. Very impressive stuff!"

 Temple of Blues Review



"Incredible, Powerful, Magical...."  

Jeff Chen



“Awesome! There's not enough stars to give for this stunning recording.

It is quite possibly the most intensely power guitar music I've ever heard.

Totally awesome tunes-I'm hooked! Please record more!!!!”




Utterly awesome music! The CD arrived sooner than I expected and I happily popped it into the system.

Well, that was it. I played it three times before I could get anything else done!

If this jaw-dropping music doesn’t move you, you’re probably dead. Extremely talented man...
— Kent Butler




"I'm always on the lookout for fine folk musicians and fingerpickers, but somehow I never came across

 Travis Steele Nevels. Pure dumb luck though shone down upon me, and he ended up playing at a house

 concert of mine opening for Pops Walker (another fine CD Baby artist). This CD is overall better than

 the previous CD, but both CD's have stellar tracks. Song, "Manowar," is my personal fave from this album.

A genuinely nice guy who is worthy of your attention." 





  "Amazing music for an astonishing musician - you have to listen!"





 "One of the greatest things about a guitar is the diversity of sounds you can derive from this wonderful instrument.

 While I heard of other finger style music, this one is worth listening to and adding to your music collection. Travis

 adds a texture of sound that is so unusual in this type of music, that it adds character to this great work of art.

 Listen and enjoy!" 

David Sattler